Toyota Fortuner (Hilux) Expedition V1 Camper Looks Cool!


Caravans and campers are fast becoming popular in India. Social media has been responsible for pushing up tourism in India and an increasing number of Indians are now planning road trips across states. And we think this massive Toyota Fortuner will surely serve the purpose if you want everything packed into one place – your SUV, kitchen, seating area and beds too! Say hello to the Toyota Hilux Expedition V1 Camper.


So why are we calling it the Fortuner? Well, the pick up version of this model is popularly known as the Hilux in international markets. And no, this modified caravan wasn’t made in India. But we still love the idea and this model has been the brain child of photographer Stefan Forster.


Stefan has dubbed this the “Expedition V1” and nicknamed it “Úlfur” which means a wolf in Icelandic! We say its a perfect term for this intense 4×4 off-road capable vehicle. Power comes from a 3.0L 225hp diesel engine and the Expedition V1 boasts of a custom-made cabin. You get enough seating for your friends, beds for the night and a little pantry too!


And then it has a slew of off-road features that would be perfect for your month long Ladakh journey in the middle of nowhere. This includes a TJM snorkel, a WARN cable, HELLA lights, front and rear differential locks, underbelly protection and an internal radio control unit among many others.

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We will let the pictures do the talking now!

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