Cruise Control Failure Reported In Sharjah


The cruise control system often comes in handy when we are driving on open highways and is generally considered a safe driver aid. We have used it at some point of time and its easy to cut it off by simply pressing the brake lever or deactivating it using the switch provided on the steering. However, it wasn’t the case with a motorist in Sharjah

What exactly happened: 

An Emirati citizen was driving on Maliha Road to Sharjah at 120km/h. He had locked the cruise control at this speed when suddenly he released that the system wasn’t disabling. The motorist reportedly shifted into neutral too but that didn’t slow down the car at all. Showing presence of mind, the driver called up the police for help at 1am.

How was he rescued? 

According to Colonel Ahmad Bin Darwish (director of Sharjah’s Central Region), rescue teams rushed to the scene to keep other highway users away from the vehicle. Instructions were passed on to the driver via his phone. A police car then drove in front of the driver’s car and slowed down gradually. The out of control car swiftly hit the police car from behind and both of them came to a gradual stop without any drama – seems right out of an action movie, eh?

Is this something common?

Not really but we do keep coming across such incidents including last year’s fatal crash of a Skoda model which went out of control at 190km/h after the cruise control got stuck – READ


We are still looking for more information including the car model’s name. The story was picked up from

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