5 Things To Keep In Mind While Buying A Used Car


Purchasing a used or a pre-owned car is not always a smooth process in India. Though the new car market is much organized now, the used car industry is still very disorganized which means you, as a buyer, end up going through a lot of slow and mentally challenging phases. But, you can overcome all this by keeping five essential points in mind

  1. Demand a test drive

    A car that looks good might not drive well. If you are serious about the car, insist on taking it for a spin. You should drive the car for a minimum of 5 kilometers through traffic so that you can easily check out the braking, acceleration and suspension of the car. Make sure the gears also shift without any trouble and the car is not throwing out smoke from the exhaust under hard acceleration.

  2.  Check for factory seals

    Its not a hard job to check a car for damage or modification to the factory seals. Open any door and pull down the rubbing beading that runs across the frame – in most cases you will be able to make out if the seals are standard or not. A car that has gone through a major accidental repair will not have standard factory seals. Repeat this for all doors including the boot and bonnet. Make sure the chassis number plate is also in good condition.

  3. Service history

    It is fairly easy an owner to provide the complete service history of the car. This can be procured by simply giving the registration number to the authorized workshop. If you are looking at buying a fairly old car, a complete service history will give you extra piece of mind!

  4. Make sure the features work

    Modern day cars come with a lot of electronics and features. Spend sometime to make sure all these work – including the air-con, music system, power windows, central locking, keyless entry, all lights etc. There should be no unwanted warning lights flashing on the speedometer console either as getting these rectified can burn a hole in your pocket

  5. Do your homework

    And finally the right price! Make sure you have done basic research to understand the right price that the used car deserves. Spend sometime on online classified sites and talk to owners selling their cars (of the same brand). Likewise, call up a few dealers to get a rough quote of  the same model and parameters (mileage, fuel type etc). This will make sure you don’t end up paying more than what the car deserves.

We hope these five pointers come in handy when you decide to invest into a pre-owned car. If you want to reduce all this headache and other time consuming exercises like documentation, leave it all to us. We at Mr.Car sell certified used cars which are thoroughly checked across over 100 parameters so that you don’t just end up buying a used car – you buy a brand new second hand car!

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