5 Best Used Cars Under Rs 1 Lakh In India


Value for money used cars are the best way for new drivers to gain driving experience without burning a hole in the pocket. These affordable cheap used cars are also helpful for young college students or those who have just entered into their first job. A four wheeler gives you independence and turns out to be your second home!

Mr. Car has listed the top 5 used cars under Rs 1 lakh. These include four hatchbacks and a sedan – inspite of being ‘cheap’, we can assure you that these cars will serve you well, will be light on the pocket and easy to sell off once you decide to move on to a bigger or a new car. Lets have a look

  1. Tata Nano
    Pros: Easy to get a less used model
    Cons: Brand image

    The Tata Nano tops the list here for obvious reasons. This is the most common used car in the market in this price bracket. As the new car price is low, you can easily get a 2-4 year old Nano for a lakh after hard bargaining. Further, most Nanos are not driven much and might come with extended warranty for peace of mind. The Nano is a great car for urban usage.

  2. Chevrolet Spark
    Pros: Ride quality
    Cons: Lack of space
    The Spark is one of the most under-rated cars in India. It is still on sale in India but is doing extremely low volumes which means re-sale value is poor. You can get hold of a 4-6 year old Spark for under a lakh which is extremely good value for money considering the overall package. The Spark is a comfortable car with good ride quality. The engine is decent though it does not score high on space.
  3. Maruti Esteem
    Pros: Big car, performance
    Cons: Discontinued!
    The Esteem was considered a performance car at one point of time. The fuel injected 1.3-litre engine puts out 85 bhp of power and thanks to the low kerb weight, this one can challenge modern day compact sedans when it comes to acceleration and top speed. You will love modifying this one! Be careful with used options as most of these will have CNG kits installed.
  4. Maruti Alto
    Pros: Reliable
    Cons: Uninspiring
    The Alto is India’s national car – no two ways about it. You simple cannot go wrong with this model when it comes to simplicity and reliability. Plus, there are hundreds of good options available in the market which makes buying one of these an easy process. As is the case with the Esteem, stay away from models that have a CNG kit installed.
  5. Hyundai Santro
    Pros: Quality, interiors
    Cons: Discontinued
    The Santro was one of the most preferred small cars in the Indian market at one point of time. Customers loved it for the performance, design and high quality cabin. Though it is discontinued now, we say the Santro makes for a brilliant purchased in this price segment. Fuel economy isn’t as good as the Alto though.

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