This Is The Royal Enfield Continental GT750

Royal Enfield Continental GT750

What you see here are the first few images of the all-new 750cc Continental GT from Royal Enfield shot in India – via BikesMedia. The bike is scheduled to be launched later this year and will be the most expensive and the most powerful Royal Enfield ever.

Royal Enfield Continental GT750 3

However, that said, the company has received a lot of back-slash from Himalayan owners due to quality and reliability problems. We really hope Royal Enfield takes care of all the niggles and shortcomings before launching this new bike.

Royal Enfield Continental GT750 2

The Royal Enfield Continental GT750 uses the same chassis as the normal GT though we believe it will be stiffened to take on the extra power. Talking of which, the 750cc engine is rumored to put out 40-50 bhp of power which would give it respectable performance in front of other Rs 2-3 lakh rupee bikes.

Royal Enfield Continental GT750 4

In terms of design, the bike looks beefy and like a proper retro cafe racer. The biggest change is the switch to dual exhausts and fatter rubber at either ends. The current Continental GT hasn’t put the sales charts on fire but this one, with the added punch, will surely find more takers. The GT750 could be the poor man’s Triumph Bonneville!

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