Video: Mitsubishi Montero Doing A Tractor’s Job In Punjab!


SUVs have been on a roll in India and when it comes to the state of Punjab, we all know their craze for such big vehicles. It is also a common fact in Punjab that 4×4 owners often take their vehicles to extremes when it comes to putting all that power and torque down via all four wheels. That said, this video surely deserves a post here – we haven’t seen anything like this for a long time!

Montero 3
At over 60 lakh (ex-showroom), there are hardly any takers for the Montero now

Uploaded on Youtube, the video shows a group of locals tying a farm equipment which is used to level the field. Once attached, the driver easily manages to go around the entire field without much issues. We are sure this is possible in other 4×4 SUVs too but we are yet to come across such a video.

The SUV in the video is the Mitsubishi Montero – it didn’t do well in the Indian market but comes with a capable drive-train : a 3.2-litre turbocharged diesel motor with reliable 4×4 hardware. This includes all-wheel control with 4-wheel traction control, 4-wheel slip control and super select 4WD. However, at over Rs 60 lakh ex-showroom Delhi, the Montero has hardly any takers today. Enjoy the video

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