Maruti Celerio Limited Edition Price Starts At Rs 415115

maruti celerio limited edition

Maruti is now offering its customers an option to convert their regular new Celerios into ‘limited edition’ ones – the kit is available at showroom level and can be fitted to any version of the Celerio. This model has 14 different versions and yes, each one of these can be bought with the ‘limited edition’ kit.

Priced at just Rs 11,990 over the regular versions, Maruti claims this kit costs 40% less than what a customer would pay if he had to purchase the features separately. So what does this kit include? Lets have a look…

Exteriors of Celerio Limited Edition

  • Side moulding
  • Designer graphics
  • Door visors
  • Headlight chrome garnish
  • Fog lamp chrome garnish
  • Tail light chrome garnish
  • Rear door chrome garnish
  • Window door chrome garnish
  • Rear parking sensors mounted in the bumper

Interiors of Celerio Limited Edition

  • New seat covers
  • Steering wheel cover
  • Soothing ambient light
  • Tissue box (slotted in front cup holder)
  • Rear parking sensors for parking assist

As stated above, this kit can be opted by a customer for any version of the Celerio at an additional cost of Rs 11,990. The Celerio is sold with a 1.0-litre petrol engine with optional factory fitted CNG kit. You also have the option to buy the Celerio with an optional AGS (auto gear shift) transmission.

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More images of the Limited Edition Celerio

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