Bangalore Witnesses First Jeep Compass Crash in India

jeep compass crash accident bangalore

The Jeep Compass is fast gaining popularity in India due to its excellent pricing. It has been in the news for the right reason but that might change for a few days as social media is now full of buzz for the wrong reason – a red Jeep Compass met with an accident in Bangalore and the images as well as videos are going viral.

As seen in the first image, this Compass was running on a temp plate (see top right of windshield) which means it could either be a customer’s car or a test drive vehicle. We are still waiting for more details to emerge. These two images have been picked via 4×4 India’s FB group and member Nimish.

Video via Youtube user Srivatsa Naidu

Such accidents have happened in the past with other new cars as well and don’t do any good for the brand image. It could be anyone’s fault –  the driver or the car or other road users. We will keep you post as and when we get more details. What is clearly evident is the fact that the Compass ended up hitting a road side pole / tree and both the front airbags got deployed. The model seen here is the top end ‘limited’ variant.

More images via “The Bengaluru Post

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